This is a special invitation to join Water Mama Wellness in the summer
of 2018 for a weekend of rejuvenation and bliss at a self-healing retreat nestled deep in the San Juan mountains of the Colorado Rockies.


Dunton Hot Springs is a restored ghost town set in an extraordinary alpine valley across the mountain from Telluride, and we've rented the entire town! It retains its original and rustic character with a little European flair.  As you approach Dunton you cross a gated bridge which spans the West Fork of the Dolores River and there is the town beautifully laid out before you.

     Your personal journey towards improved health will include a Stress Reduction consultation, Meridian Energy Assessment, hot springs soaks, a special Detox routine, energy giving sunrise hikes, gourmet meals, nightly celebrations, a Personalized Lifestyle and Dietary Plan to support you for the rest of your journey thru life, and much, much MORE! 


     This is an early preview of what the Self-Healing Retreat will offer, and one that you will leave with new simple practices in daily living and an enhanced ability to listen to and respond to your body's needs.
(preview below…this is just a teaser of what our experts will share)
*    healing with herbs: an interactive discussion/workshop about using plants as medicine.
*    self-image: a discussion on inner and outer beauty with a skin and hair care workshop 
*    self-empowerment: interactive discussion on the strength we each hold inside ourselves, how to tap into and use that strength so we reach our full potential in life
*    loving relationships: discussion on the love we cultivate for ourselves and tools to be our most loving selves to our families, neighbors and life partners
*    health-care empowerment: interactive discussion/workshop on health care rights and information to empower each participant to receive the best health care
*    movement workshops: corrective body movement and realignment and how simple exercises can offer both physical and spiritual healing

     Join us! and Please let us know of your interest in becoming part of this life altering experience by  emailing or via our Facebook page at More information will follow.   

The anticipated cost of this extraordinary event is $4500 including lodging, meals, workshops, and materials. Travel expenses are excluded in pricing. Payment plans available. Reduced rate for payment in full by June 2017 beginning April 2017.